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Bing’s Disclaimer

  Bing is powered by AI, so … mistakes are possible. Bing’s dsclaimer set me thinking – why are we doing this? Is it a way of using stupid AI to defang the threat of AI. We can say – AI isn’t so bad, it is no threat, look how stupid it is. We are not going to give it the keys to the kingdom (the nuclear codes). Our company is interested in developing AI that doesn’t make mistakes – AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). To do that, the AGI has to understand what words mean, and how words connect to each other, An example – imprudent is defined as “Not showing care for the consequences of an action” Why make it that – couldn’t we just say “Not prudent”? English is a living language, and words are pressed into service to convey meanings they were not created to handle. Words accrete new meanings, and the existing meanings drift, or become out of date. And a human has to know how words fit together into larger structures. An LLM can’t be bothered with any of this – more exactl

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